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Discover Our Brand New Bridle Builder

1. Create a likeness of your horse
2. Choose your range - Snaffle, Double, Nosebandless, or Fox Hunter
3. Mix and Match your sizes for each bridle part
4. Customize your look with any browband, noseband and reins
Enjoy Your Customized Bridle!

Here at Flexible Fit Equestrian we aim to revolutionise every aspect of your saddlery buying experience. With over 12 years in the industry, we have provided top quality leather goods to every level of rider worldwide. Started in Australia in 2008, we have recently made the move to the US to provide you with quality, customised bridles and leather goods for affordable, off the rack prices. We pride ourselves on our affordability, quality, and comfort for your horse. With these ideals, we have created a huge range of products that cater to every horse and rider in any English discipline. Our revolutionary Flexible Fit bridle builder system allows you to create your own bridle designs from our extensive range of browbands, nosebands, and reins. Choosing each piece within your bridle in any size allows you to get a perfect fit that is just not possible with off the shelf products. Expertly crafted from the finest English Leather, and created with our unique gel padding, our bridles provide a level comfort and quality not often seen in the industry. In addition to bridles, we provide a range of cutting edge breatplates, girths, and other accessories.