What is difference between 4/8 versus 5/8 crownpiece and cheekpiece?

It is the width of the cheekpiece strap. The 4/8 is the thinner of the two and tends to be for more refined heads.  The measurements of your crownpiece and cheekpiece that you order should be the same.

Our extra wide crownpieces only come in the 4/8 size. In our standard anatomical with cutback ears the only difference between the 4/8 and 5/8 is the cheekpiece width.


What is difference between premium and schooling bridle?

The features. The schooling range is made from buffalo leather and has basic neoprene padding. There are less options in the schooling line. The premium range is English leather, medical grade gel padding for comfort, has a wider choice of styles, and an anatomical crownpiece.


What if I order browband, noseband, breastplate, etc. that is too big/small?

We swap out any piece that doesn't fit. We want our customers to have a bridle that fits!

Please visit https://ffequestrian.com/a/returns if you need to return or exchange an item.

Items should be returned in like-new condition. When fitting tack on your horse please make sure they are clean and well groomed!


Where do I send my returns and exchanges?

Returns can be posted to 3709 Sandy Lake Rd, Ravenna OH 44266

Shipping for returns and exchanges are at the buyer's expense.

Please visit https://ffequestrian.com/a/returns to facilitate a return or exchange.


What is your delivery time?

We strive to ship all orders within two business days. Most items are sent via USPS Priority Mail, but all items have a tracking number. USPS delivery timeframes vary depending on the season.