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Shop our premier dressage range.

Premium mix and match anatomical dressage bridles with swarovski element crystal and pearl choices. Over 40 noseband and 40 browband choices.

Snaffle Bridle, Combination Double Bridle and Weymouth Double Bridle options.

Anatomical gel padded dressage girths also available. 

Padded Dressage Bridles

Why choose Flexible Fit?

We have worked extremely hard for over 10 years to bring to you a brand that we love. We do not compromise on quality and stand by our products with a two-year guarantee.

We want every horse to have a bridle that fits. If you ever buy an item from us that does not fit, or you don’t like the style, you can swap it out. Our goal is for you and your horse to be happy, and a correctly fitted bridle plays a huge role in that.

Our bridles are made from the highest quality English Sedgwick leather, vegetable tanned for longevity and softness. You won’t find another bridle on the market that has such a nice feel straight out of the box.

Hand made with the highest quality craftsmanship; our leather goods are stitched at 10-12 stitches per inch. It’s the little details that give you the ultimate touch of luxury.

If you are ever unsure about what size to buy, we have compiled extensive measuring guides and information pages. Check some of these out to discover why you need a bridle that fits. We are always happy to give a helping hand to ensure the best possible fit, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.